How To Find The Best Laptop For Your Nursing Studies

It is expected that students will have their own laptops, but if you’re studying to become a nurse, how do you know which is going to be the best fit? With so many laptops out there that have several different features and a range of price tags, which one will be the best option? This article takes a look at how to find the best laptop for your nursing studies.


You need something durable, something hardy, and something that will last. As a student nurse, you absolutely will not have the time, energy, or space for a part-time job alongside all of your expected training and practical experience requirements. With no part-time work, you are left to rely on your student loan or savings. Therefore, you don’t want to be in the position where you must buy a new laptop every six months because the one you picked keeps breaking. Something that is built to last should be where you look first.

Portability and Screen Type

All laptops are portable, that’s a given. A nursing student who spends a lot of time on their feet, or travelling about between placements, needs hardware that isn’t going to weigh them down. The laptop needs to be able to fit comfortably into a bag and still makespace for other things. You will also have a lot of studying to do, a lot of which will include hours and hours of reading and course training. So, you need your laptop to be able to come with you wherever you choose to work, which let’s face it, will probably be in a coffee shop from time to time. You might want to also consider a dual-purpose device that can be used as a tablet screen. This has many benefits for the students with a lot of reading to do, and it makes it a comfier experience.


Price is a major factor, of course. It might sound painful, but it is worth investing just a little bit more cash than you might have first anticipated in order to get a machine that is going to last you the course of your studies. Anything over £300 would be a good place to start looking. We are in no way suggesting that you have to spend thousands of pounds on your laptop, we are suggesting that you avoid the cheaper end of the scale wherever possible.

Where To Look

You can do yourself a lot of favours by going through a reputable brand. For example, check out these laptops for nursing by Lenovo. This is a good range of varying devices so it’s inevitable that there will be something for every type of nursing student out there. Lenovo have been making top quality products for decades and are great at singling out specific needs for different purposes.

There are so many great options to choose from for a nursing student, so you don’t have to feel stuck when it comes to buying your laptop.