How to Manage Stress: 5 Stress Relief Methods Anyone Can Use

Stress is a reality of our daily life. All adults have stress more or less. If someone says they don’t have any stress, that someone doesn’t know what stress is. Or that person is pure nuts. 

We face stress in our work, going to work, going to school, in our family life, stress with our kids, and so on. Stress getting a new job, stress being in a new job, stress in new relationships – stress is everywhere. People who do the same repetitive job over and over, such as hair masking service providers, can easily get burned out and feel stressed over a course of time. 

With stress or without stress, life goes on. Life we live will be much more pleasant if we just know how to manage the stress. We may not be able to totally eliminate the stress from our daily lives, but we can learn how to manage it. 

Below are some stress management methods to cope with stress.

1. Meditation for Stress Relief Stress affects the function of our brain as well as our body. Meditation is a good way to control that function. There are various types of meditations that heals and rejuvenates our mind, body and soul. Routine meditation acts as a prevention of stress. Since prevention is better than cure, it is always better to prevent stress form happening in the first place with regular meditation.

While meditation doesn’t require you to do much movement, it does require a bit of preparation. You need to meditate in a place that is quite and you feel relaxed at. For some, it is the basement room, attic, backyard or in the nature by the woods or river. If you can meditate quietly in the nature, then this is the best place to meditate as you already feel relaxed being in the nature. 

2. Exercise for Stress Relief

Exercise not only increases your level of physical fitness; it also acts as a method of stress relief. There are so many activities you can do when it comes to exercising. For example: walking, jogging or running, swimming, aerobics such as Jumba or similar types of dancing, cycling, gym exercise such as treadmill, elliptical, etc. Exercise boosts up your energy level and increases your appetite. Overall increase in your healthy lifestyle will help you eliminate stress. 

3. Music for Stress Relief

Listening to your favorite music for 20-30 minute can help you reduce or eliminate stress. If you do something you like to do and keep you busy with it, that will most certainly act as the best stress relief method. Pick the music you like and listen to it for some time. Some find that relaxation music helps them calm and remain stress free. 

Music keep you focused on it enjoying the lyrics as well as the instrumentals. It puts you in to rhythm that feeds your soul. You can listen to music while you are driving, taking the bus or train to somewhere, or when you are free with no work at hand Not doing anything in your spare time causes stress. If you listen to music in your idle tie, you will not have to deal with boredom which will lead you to stress. 

4. Fishing or Hunting for Stress Relief

Sporting activities such as fishing or hunting is sure fire way of relieving stress. If you truly enjoy fishing or hunting, just take half a day or a day off to spend time doing it. When you truly enjoy something, you will forget what caused your stress to begin with.

If you are fishing, you will be busy with so much activities such as packing tor the trip, setting up the fishing gears, putting bait on the hook, casting the line, waiting while watching on the line for a bite, catching one after one, landing the fish and letting them go again or keep a few for dinner – it’s just one thing after another. Most importantly, all these activities you truly enjoy doing. When you catch a big fish, it can be so rewarding that you just have to do it for yourself to comprehend. 

Hunting is a similar experience for hunters. You have to go to your favorite hunting spot where your preferred games roam. If you are deer hunting for example, you will have to find a suitable place for your tree stand, need to stay below radar so that you don’t announce your presence to the deers nearby, taking a shot, skinning and gutting the deer and butchering the deer, etc. will keep you so busy that you will not have time to deal with stress.

5. Socializing for Stress Relief

We are all busy with our work and daily chores. Some people are more busy than other. Repetitive work day after day, for example photo editing, eventually burns us out. We need to get out of our workplace or home from time to time to socialize with friends or loves ones. May it be in a public park, in the town plaza or in the pub, socializing with friends and loves ones works as a stress relief measure. It also energizes us. If you go to the pub in the afternoon or evening, you typically see a lot of people in groups. Some table has two people while some table may have six or more people. All the people at the pub are talking more than eating or drinking. People go to pubs more to socialize than eat or drink. It’s the local meeting place for friends. Or you can go to shipping in the mall with your best friend. Idea is to keep your mind off daily routines and getting out of your regular space for some time.