How to sell PLR courses on your website

According to Global Market Insights, the E-Learning market surpassed $315 Billion in 2021 and is expected to observe a 20% CAGR from 2022 to 2028. This growth is fueled by various factors including the rising global internet penetration and device availability.

The demand for online courses continues to grow and although new niches are being identified, the market is gradually becoming saturated with these courses. A simple search on Udemy will reveal hundreds of courses on almost any topic you can imagine.

Entering the online learning industry has become difficult as competing with already existing content has become difficult. Additionally, creating courses that can be competitive requires considerable amounts of financial and time investments.

Fortunately, the Private Label Rights (PLR) market provides a solution to this challenge. Instead of spending considerable amounts of investment on content creation, individuals and businesses can simply leverage PLR courses.

Let’s first look at what Private Label Rights (PLR) courses are.

What Are Private Label Rights Courses

PLR products are essentially digital products that include licenses that enable license holders to modify the product. PLR Courses are courses that when licensed provide the license holder the rights to modify and rebrand courses and then resell them to students on their own websites.

While PLR Courses come with a lot of freedom, the license also comes with some limitations. Courses licensed under PLR terms cannot be sold on marketplace platforms like Udemy and Skillshare. Additionally, they cannot be posted on YouTube and other membership platforms for free.

However, license holders have the right to modify the content and rebrand it as they see fit. They can then sell them to students on their own websites while keeping 100% of the revenue generated from these sales.

Companies looking for courses for corporate training or entrepreneurs looking to enter into the online course market can simply leverage PLR courses. In cases where these businesses or entrepreneurs have no platforms to host or sell PLR courses, one of these white label LMSs can be leveraged.

Where To Get Quality PLR Courses

One of the challenges with acquiring PLR courses has to do with the quality of the PLR courses available on the market. Fortunately, companies like PriorityLearn have partnered with some of the top and highly rated Udemy instructors to make their courses available for licensing.

The courses have been reviewed by thousands of students directly on Udemy and also rated 4.5 stars and above. With courses from various industries, entrepreneurs looking to enter the online course market can leverage these courses even without any professional experience in these industries.