How to start your freelancing career on Upwork?

Just starting your career? Confused about what to choose and what is not? There are numerous freelancing platforms with which you can start your journey but choosing the best one always great in many ways. Interest is full of scammers. So, everyone is concerned about his time and money while investing on the internet. Upwork can be a great start for your freelancing career as you get all the facilities at once. 

Why should you choose Upwork?

Beginners usually remain confused about which platform can be better. Initially, when I was at the start of my freelancing, I too was bamboozled with the number of freelancing platforms. However, from my personal experience, I can say, Upwork is a top platform. Maybe your interest and suggestions contradict my opinion but, my opinion matters to me a lot. Here are some features of Upwork.

Private Feedback:

With the help of private feedback, only the professionals can stay in the race for a long time. Nonprofessional freelancers may get negative private feedback, and don’t get the job. A platform for professionals is Upwork and for clients too.

Hourly Jobs:

The client can hire you based on the number of hours you work. That is quite an awesome feature when you want a long-term job. Apart from that, to protect you more, you can turn on the Upwork desktop app that will count the hours you did the job. The client will get the screenshots of your working hours and appreciate you depending on your efforts.


Tired of getting contracts over contracts? On a fixed project, it becomes difficult to go on with a long-term client. Milestones increase the ease to do the job without even ending the contract with the same client.

Lower fees:

What is the biggest problem of all freelancing sites? I think their fees per project. However, there are somewhat concessions in the Upwork fees when your project exceeds $500 with a client. Fees are reduced even further when you reach $10,000. That’s why I love Upwork compared to other sites. If we do have comparison Upwork vs Fiverr, still, Upwork will win in this respect.

Upwork Agency:

Do you have a team? If yes, you can work as a team on Upwork too. Through the Upwork agency, Upwork offers you handle your company online. With a big project, you earn more and handle all the members of your team effectively.