How to wear crop top? Here are some of the best trendy crop tops

Crop top fashion is back and it has already hit the market. If you like to show both your legs and your belly out, use good taste and choose the one that best suits you. No matter the model of the shorts, feeling beautiful and comfortable is the rule.

If you have no idea about the sexy crop top fashion, this article will help you out:

Here we present you crop top types to choose from:

Their use is beautiful when the bet is a pair of jeans, a longer skirt, with coats, overcoats, parkas, jackets, and high-waisted shorts/shorts. With the right crop top, you can make countless combinations, leave satisfied and be ready to rock. Use and abuse accessories, the soberest and easy-to-match colors. Here we give you some more examples to wear a crop top.

1. Straight crop top type:

This is a very short type of blouse that is already on the rise and will appear a lot during summer 2022. It’s a mix of top and cropped. A straight model that can have a thin strap or be strapless.

It comes in basic versions in the collections, such as a black or white top, but it also appears in other colors with a straight and flowery crop that is double-sided.

You can wear it with jeans and sneakers, for a very cool product, but you can also combine it with tailored pants and a blazer for an elegant and tidier look.

2. Cropped with tie at the waist:

This is another type that is super trendy and has even appeared in winter collections, with long sleeves. In this case, the sexy white crop top has strings for you to tie around your waist. In some cases, they come loose and, in others, they are already crossed, which makes it easier to dress.

Generally, the cropped tie is shorter, because it needs to have a space for the tie between the waistband of the bottom piece and the blouse. Therefore, it matches super well with the return of high waist fashion.

3. Cropped with lashing or centered knot:

This type of crop has a kind of knot or tie centered on the bust. The model suits well with summer days and heat and looks great in casual and fresh productions.

A good example of a piece that can be dressed up in an instant is the floral backless tank tops with lace, which come with a pair of shorts in the same print. This model is good for those who want to enhance their breasts.

4. Cropped gypsy:

Leaving the shoulders out is a super charming way to wear cropped. These types of tops have been seen on the racks for a while, but they are still in the collections. They help to enhance the bosom and look good both for those who have a lot and those who have a little bust.

The off-the-shoulder crop top fits well for those hotter days when you want to look neat, but the heat makes it difficult to get ready. A style tip is to invest in sets with this piece or wear fluid and lose two piece black pants set.

5. Cropped top with puff sleeves:

Another trend that rocked in 2022 and is still going strong is puff sleeves. They appear in all kinds of pieces, from dresses to blouses. A good choice, for example, is the short and cropped set from Solado.

If you have broad shoulders and don’t want to show this feature, a tip is to prefer a crop top with wide sleeves or with details on the cuffs. So don’t be out of fashion.

6. Cropped long sleeve:

Yea! The cropped top can also be worn on cold days without any problems. It combines with looks to wear at night, or even with those lighter productions, for days when temperatures are not so low.

If you want to stay warmer, you can bet on high-waisted pants, so you don’t leave so much skin on display, or invest in a skirt or shorts with tights.

Here at, you will find the best top and cropped models not only to wear and rock, but you can also buy wholesale women’s clothing to resell.

Now that you know everything about this trend that has been dominating the fashion scene, how about investing in a different look and adopting the cropped in your day-to-day?

How to wear a crop top when you have a belly?

Having a few curves is not at all a reason to skip the crop top trend, quite the contrary! To wear the crop top well when you have a belly, just pair it with a high-waisted piece that will hide the belly while emphasizing the waist. Be sure to choose a straight cut top and not too close to the body, without betting on a loose fit either.

Use the tips shown here in this article, and create amazing looks, enjoy our multitude of cropped options, and rock wherever you go. The most interesting thing is that the crop top came with everything and to stay, as you can wear this trend in any season.

Expand your style, dare to change! Bet on what favors you without fear, so you can shine even more.

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