Iffat Omar Defends Maryam Nawaz’s “Natural Beauty” Amid Plastic Surgery Allegations

Iffat Omar, a prominent Pakistani actor, has come out in support of PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz Sharif, amidst allegations that the politician has undergone plastic surgery to enhance her looks. In a recent interview, Iffat vehemently objected to such claims, stating that the trolls were simply jealous of Maryam’s “natural beauty.”

During the interview, the host brought up comparisons being made on social media between Imran Khan’s “fake plaster” and Maryam’s alleged “plastic surgeries.” To this, Iffat responded by stating that she can confidently say that Maryam has had “nothing” done to her face. Being from the showbiz industry herself, Iffat claimed that she could easily tell if someone had undergone any cosmetic procedures. She further praised Maryam’s beauty, saying “Sohni te hai voh” (she’s gorgeous).

Image Credit: Instagram @maryamnawazofficial

When asked about her political affiliations, Iffat clarified that her support lies with the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), rather than PML-N. She praised both PML-N and PPP, stating that PML-N excels in delivering results while PPP is best at policymaking. Iffat believes that if these two parties can work together, the future of Pakistan looks bright.
The interview with Iffat Omar highlights the growing trend of politicians being scrutinized for their physical appearance, especially women.

Despite the progress made towards gender equality in recent years, women continue to be subjected to unfair and often unfounded criticism based on their looks. It is important to recognize and challenge such harmful and regressive attitudes, and stand up for individuals, irrespective of gender, who are being unfairly targeted.