In his infectious pop-rock track, Song of Winners, Richard Jellinek unwinds his life’s story!

Brace yourself as the musical prodigy Richard Jellinek made his highly anticipated comeback in the industry in mid-2020 after a decade-long hiatus. This only means one thing for fans; the abundance of good music. Richard Jellinek is a songwriter, guitarist, and composer hailing from Poland. His upbeat new tracks have got everyone talking, and I must say for all the right reasons.

The artist has this uncanny ability to bring back the best of the 80s and 90s rock band vibes with his own magical twist. But mind you all, his music is not shallow. The passion for music runs deep in his soul, which exudes from the way he creates his music. Richard is a maestro when it comes to playing with words, and his lyrics are meaningful and thought-provoking, to say the least.

Richard Jellinek Song of Winners

In his latest track, Song of Winners, the artist unwinds his life’s journey that is no short of an uphill battle. The song is like a punch of sunshine in the gut for those who dream big. Richard didn’t shy away from telling it all, the good and the bad, and that’s what makes this song super inspiring, as life is not always rainbows and butterflies. He takes a plunge into the past, how music saved his life, pulled him out of the pits, and enabled him to battle his demons. 

Today, where everyone is looking for shortcuts to become an overnight success, “Song of Winners” is like a reality check for all to wake up and put in the time. The song encourages us to get out of our comfort zones and not be afraid to explore new opportunities. Winning comes at a price, and that price is hard work, and there is no way past it. You can’t help but agree with Richard when he tells you to live every moment to its fullest, leaving all the haters behind!

This musical prodigy’s future looks bright and shiny, and he is destined for great things. When it comes to musicality, he is a powerhouse to be reckoned with. Trust me when I tell you that you’ll have this song on repeat as it gives all feel-good vibes. It’s like a burst of energy. What I love is that it encourages the attitude to keep going forward and moving on, no matter how hard it gets! So, if you are feeling down, this song will definitely cheer you up.

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