In the UNCUT WITH LUCIA Series, Blackbird News Presents an Interview with Bestselling Author Sheri Strobaugh

The UNCUT WITH LUCIA series continues with a special interview with bestselling Author Sheri Strobaugh. BlackBird News is a dedicated platform that connects trending people with the appropriate audience. The UNCUT WITH LUCIA series is a step in that direction poised to set a new standard. 

Sheri Strobaugh is a writer based in Washington. She has earned herself a name in the world of writing with her excellent Fantasy/Sci-Fi novel TWIN SHIVERS.

Writing is her strong suit, and it has assisted her in telling her story to the rest of the world. Sheri is an adoptee who has decided to look for her biological family. Because she is a successful writer, it was natural for her to write about her journey as it unfolded. Her life, she said, had been a roller coaster ride, and she had never regretted her search. She recently published her first book, named “My Birth Dad was a Righteous Brother: My Adoption Journey.”

Her personal adoption journey is chronicled in her book, “My Birth Dad Was a Righteous Brother: My Adoption Journey.” Receiving her Non-Identification Adoption Papers at six weeks of age, after learning she was adopted, spiraled her life into a need to find her birth family. It’s been a complete emotional roller coaster for her. She had a million questions for which she wanted answers.

The book is a great success today, and it’s very relatable to people who go through the same feelings and emotions after discovering they’re adoptees. The book is an emotional journey through the author’s life and how she dealt with the feeling of not knowing who her birth family was.

Sheri has written a 12 book children’s series called HEALING HUGGABLES, which is currently in the editing phase, in addition to a sci-fi novel titled “TWIN SHIVERS.”

Sheri enjoys cooking in her spare time when she is not writing. Aside from that, she enjoys traveling, camping, hiking, waterskiing, and reading!

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