Indian EDM Producer Flamix creates a melodious masterpiece named ‘Siliguri’

Very few artists make a tribute for their hometown. Our 16-year-old talented musician Flamix is one of them. Siliguri is a track he created with love for his hometown.

With melancholic flutes to captivating saxophone, this young producer is speeding up his career in a crazy way. The drop he created was an insane banger !! His whole EP, Mayuri won the hearts of many people and helped this young genius gain a lot of new fans in his journey. He deserves appreciation for the way he tried to infuse Indian folk music and EDM.

Mayuri is one of the finest works in his career. There are three songs included in this Extended play. The first song is a powerful-epic song with electro house buzz, Legend of Flamix. The second song is Tum Kaho. Flamix collaborated with his sister, Shivu for the vocals. The song is really good, melodic and has a tropical beachy-house feel. And the thirds and the last song is Siliguri.

You must listen to the EP at least once on Spotify: 

Flamix also mentioned that it took 2 years for him to complete Mayuri. He has this plan for an EP since a long time, but this was only possible when he unlocked the hidden creativity within him.

Even a famous local news media “Siliguri Times” posted an article dedicated on Flamix’s creation. His talent and creativity can be measured only when you listen to the songs this boy created.

This young musician/producer/DJ is looking forward to breaking into the EDM scene as soon as possible, and we are sure he is going to do great in his life and career. 

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