Instructions to improve spring allergy symptoms

Rinse Your Eyes.
Allergies can cause burning, itching, and tearing in our eyes as well as swelling of the eyelids. Washing your eyes moistens them to provide relief when they are dry and irritated. It also removes allergens that cause eye inflammation. Incorporate eye drops to moisten the eyes and wash out allergens.

Wash Your Clothes Often.
When you go outdoors, your clothes can carry small particles back into your home and cause even more exposure to allergens and, ultimately, allergic reaction. Washing your clothes and taking a shower after outdoor activity can remove lingering allergens and minimize the risk of them coming indoors with you.

Wear glasses outdoors.
When you go outside, wear glasses or sunglasses to protect and block any allergens from getting into your eyes.

Manage Your Stress Levels.
Stress can be a powerful force on your physical and mental well-being, and it can pile on quickly. Stress hormones negatively impact the immune system and can inflame seasonal allergy symptoms. When you start to feel stressed, stop and take a breath, and if you can, take a walk. Getting quality sleep also helps reduce the effects of stress.

Add a Natural Supplement.
Try adding a natural anti-inflammatory daily oral supplement.

Pycnogenol®, an extract from French maritime pine bark, is shown in research to reduce the body’s response to histamines without the side effects typically experienced with allergy medications, such as drowsiness. Studies show that supplementing daily with Pycnogenol® can substantially reduce the symptoms associated with seasonal allergies, like burning, itchy, or watering eyes, and stuffy, runny, or itchy nose.

Authored by Dr. Pescatore

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