Instrumental Magnate Neil Nayyar gets praised for his talent by Bollywood star Palak Muchhal

India is one of the youngest countries in the world with respect to the average age of the population. Youth, not just in India but around the world is pivotal in revolutions that have the potential to change the course and dynamics of that country. The youth of today is totally unlike anything we’ve seen before. Not only are they aware of their responsibilities, but they are also extremely gifted and talented. With great power to change the destiny of the country, the youth is capable of doing so much that it is sure to bring the country on the path of progress and prosperity. One such talent is that of a young instrumentalist Neil Nayyar who created wonders with his musical talent.

Neil believes in seeing things through, never will you come across a thing which this lad has started or thought of doing and has left it in the middle, unattended. He believes in going till the end of its capabilities and making dreams come true. Also believes in ‘it’s now or never’ and gives its 100 percent to achieve what they’re aiming for. Neil is way more capable than any other kid of his age ever seen. He has the musical knowledge, the talent, the will power and the strength to pull everything together. The enthusiasm with which he works is contagious, and will get the better music out. The passion, curiosity and the enthusiasm with which he works makes one wonder that how can a 14-year-old know to play 107 musical instruments. You heard it right! Isn’t it unbelievable.

His talent also paved way to to ace Bollywood singer Palak Muchhal laud him for his tremendous talent. She also allocated him with a name “WonderBoy”. He also participated in the episode series naming, ‘Aao tumhe chaand pe le jaaye’ on 21st Nov 2020 episode 2 to promote young talent. Through which she contributes in performing surgeries for underprivileged children. Neil will soon be releasing his International debut Album and book on music for children which will be releasing in Spring 2021. A one-of-a-kind celebrating. Isn’t he. Well Kudos to you boy!