Interview With Alireza Kohany, Musician, Producer And Influential Person On Social Media

Hi Alireza Kohany, how are you? Let’s start with the first question we ask each protagonist of ‘The interview of the week’: how long have you been on Instagram (@AlirezaKohany), how and why did you approach the world of social networks?
Greetings and respect to all viewers and readers of your great media, I am Alireza Kohany (Persian: علیرضا کهنی); A Musician and Producer; Photo Model and Actor, I am trying to share my experiences about social media with you today; As a first question, this question was interesting; I am from the “Orkut” generation! The first social network to enter in all of the Internet; Then on “Yahoo 360!”, After that, social networks entered in a new generation with the arrival of “Facebook”; And I was officially active on both “Facebook” and “Instagram” as well.

We continue. For you, to be relevant on social media, how important are these factors, from 1 to 10:
• Physical aspect / Economic condition
• Continuity of content
• Friendship / Collaborations with well-known personalities
• Content quality
• Relationship with the community
• Practical-technical ideas
• Skill of the photographer-videomaker
• Skill of the social media manager

The answer to this question is easy, but the important thing is We have to see how much it can be done in reality.In my opinion (1- Relationship with the community) is the most important thing, and then we can mention (2- Content quality) and of course (3- Continuity of content), I can also mention (4- Practical-technical ideas) and (5- Friendship / Collaborations with well-known personalities) To mention as other important cases. Items such as (6- Skill of the photographer-videomaker), (7- Skill of the social media manager) and (8- Physical aspect / Economic condition) may not seem important factors but play important roles in this matter.

In your life there is music, but also a passion for fashion and photography. How did you manage to make these three activities coexist on social networks? Also, what advice would you give to those who intend to approach the world of social media but are doubtful about the niche to which to dedicate themselves?
The world of social media is so vast, The music and art world is still like an endless ocean with no end; I was born on June 18, 1993 in Tehran, Iran, I have been interested in music since I was a child; I also officially started working in fashion and modeling as a teenager, I have also acted in 5 movies, and been a composer in 5 film series. Also published 3 books about business; In general, working in the field of art and music or any social media requires a creative mind and inner interest, if someone can discover this inner talent in himself, he can definitely be successful in these fields.

Thanks to the posts on your Instagram (@AlirezaKohany) profile, you have attracted the interest of companies and brands, with whom you then collaborated. What do you evaluate before accepting a collaboration proposal? Turning to those who have never had a collab, what advice would you like to give?
First of all, the credibility of that brand and company is important to me; Also, whether those who use this brand are satisfied with it or not, these are the things that my team reviews before accepting a collaboration proposal.
My advice is to always be careful when considering these collaboration proposals; All the followers of a celebrity or a public figure follow it because of their interest in the person, and if a person uses a brand, it means that he has encouraged his followers to use that brand; So it is better to ensure its validity than before.

Over the course of your career you have probably managed to achieve many goals that you set for yourself years ago. Which milestone did you celebrate with the most enthusiasm (collaboration, follower threshold, post-performance, etc.)
Some successes may be great for man because he has endured many hardships… But from the point of view of others, it should not be so big! Be sure getting more than 650,000 followers and fans until now, or being verified (getting blue tick) on major platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Telegram and other platforms and being approved as an official musical artist on my YouTube channel is a success for me on social media. Also, collaborating with big brands and receiving several music awards and being nominated in some music festivals are one of my other honors during these years.

Let’s move on to something practical. In the process of creating a post, what do you give the most importance to? Do you get help from some other professional figure (social media manager, photographer, etc.)?
Definitely using professionals in this field can help make a “post or story” different, using a professional photographer as well as consulting with a social media manager to make a post better seen and shared is very effective. But for me, the inner feeling that the viewers get from is the most important thing; That’s why I try to show different aspects in each post.

The post Covid period was not a good period, also characterized by severe restrictions that involved above all the category of artists in contact with the public, including musical ones. How did you deal with the situation? Have you noticed any drops in terms of collaborations or productions? Did your social media profiles maintain the same pre-Covid engagement levels?
Fortunately, social networks such as Instagram and Facebook during the Covid-19 era helped keep artists and their fans in touch; This is one of the benefits of social media, although Corona was able to affect the physical communication of humans, but nothing could affect the communication of artists and their fans through social media. During this time I founded “Alireza Kohany Productions”, an international Record Label and music publisher, But I try to develop it in all artistic fields such as music, movies, books, art, etc.

I refer to Covid, how do you think the perception that the average user has of social networks and professions for many difficult to understand has changed, such as that of the influencer?
Social networks are the undeniable and inseparable parts of our lives that affect the lives of all of us; Life after Corona is like a new era in which social media plays a more important role.

Almost usual: in your social growth path, did you take inspiration from any creator in particular? If so, would you like to tell us who it is?
Certainly, every human being is inspired by many successful people in their growth path; But I was always trying to create a new path; It may seem a little difficult to begin with, but when a new path is created; It makes better sense to me that other people are inspired by me.

Final Question: Where do you see today’s Alireza Kohany in a couple of years? Will you still be in the world of music and social media or do you think there may be the possibility of taking other paths, such as television?
The path of life is always full of beautiful surprises, God has set many ways for every human being on the path to gain success; I also try to continue on this amazing path and be able to leave a good impression on myself in this universe; And to inspire so many people that I can help them succeed, that’s my biggest goal.

Thanks for this interview, you are one of the best media in the world, good luck all.
Alireza Kohany is an artist who We will hear more about him in the future coming years… To know more about Alireza Kohany don’t forget to follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

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