Interview with India’s Top Impact Entrepreneur Hafeez Kudroli

Hi Hafeez and welcome on board. You are just 24-years-old and the CEO and Managing Director of Kudroli World, which deals in Infrastructure, Building, Commercial Real Estate, Broadcast Media, Building Materials, Apparel & Fashion, Hospitality, IT, Services, Entertainments, Events, Sports etc. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Basically born to a Business family, it was my father’s initiation to the business that led me to handle our family business successfully at the start of my career and later having realised the true potential of business lies in diversification and expansion, led me to foray into verticals that interested me and the consumer. Being young gives me an edge to take over enormous challenges, helping me to fail quickly and make early inroads in every business process. The acumen of an entrepreneur lies in making the right decision at the right time.

Being an impact entrepreneur, you are making efforts to bring good changes in the world of entrepreneurship. How does it work? Please elaborate.

Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Group champions the thought of ABCD – Always Be Connecting the Dots. Impact Entrepreneurship is all about connecting the dots. An opportunity once identified, becomes a successful model with perseverance and always listening to the customers’ needs and requirements. It might be a change in the process or even a change in the outlook; it’s all about realising the change and that inevitably leads to IMPACT.

Why do you feel impact entrepreneurship is important?

Let me share a personal experience, my father in his business processes has been very benevolent and he sowed the seed very early in my life. When I brainstormed the idea with my management team about diversifying from my main business vertical, my first offering was to have a foundation focussed on educating and empowering girl children, who I felt and believe will hold the key to the success of our great nation. My growth is not dependent solely on the business revenue, I would close every quarter, but on the impact, my foundation team will have in reaching higher numbers of empowering you girls.

You have written a book ‘The Power of Impact Entrepreneurship’. I have read the book, and the liked concept of impact entrepreneurship. Would you please tell us a bit about your book for our readers?

The Power of Entrepreneurship gives an in-depth thought on how the world can be changed through the impact of entrepreneurship. Passion, Purpose, and Persistence are the 3 P’s that play an essential role in making the road visible for entrepreneurs to achieve their goals, and this book is all about these 3P’s.

What is the advice you will give to our readers when it comes to becoming a successful entrepreneur? And what are your next plans?

I’m too young to advise, and I will be continually learning from my peers. But yes one mantra for the new entrepreneurs, “If you decide to pursue a business model, don’t give up unless you have failed thoroughly. In your pursuit of excellence, there is learning all through the way.” Next plan would be to meet Warren Buffet.

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