Interview with Oozie Haze on his upcoming music and more

Oozie Haze was born Daelyn Cacciatore in Evergreen Park, Illinois in 2002. He is an American Entrepreneur, Rapper, and Producer. In his early life he learned how to do music production and branding through observing industry professionals. In 2017, he became CEO and founder of his publishing company Free Mind Music. We set up an exclusive blog interview with him to ask some unique questions about his vision.

Where did it all start?
The idea of getting into music started when I was only in 3rd grade. I also had 2 friends with the same passion, so we decided to start a publishing platform and carry out our ideas from there.

What made you want to get into music?
I enjoy the complex variety in innovation that the music industry offers which is ultimately the fuel for my passion in creating music.

What is the vision for your record label?
Free Mind Music was created to give all control to the artist, our goal is make innovation within the music industry and help our artists reach their greatest potential.

What is your message to people who want to become successful in the music industry?
I believe that branding and marketing are the 2 biggest aspects that can determine the outcome of any artists success.

What is your plan on releasing future music?
We had some problems starting off; our distributor, people leaving, and failed projections which ultimately made us click the pause button. We are currently in a planning phase and will be releasing A LOT more music by the end of this upcoming summer.

Are we going to see collaborations on any upcoming EP or album?
I have a lot of plans with partnerships and collaborations but you will definitely be seeing many collaborations including some with artists within my own label.

Anything else?
I’m currently working on my debut EP which should be out within the next 4-6 months. Thanks for reading my interview, and be sure to follow me on any of my socials for updates. Instagram @ooziehaze, Facebook @OozieHaze and Twitter @OozieHaze

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