Interview with Rising Star SHELNZ

Is it a new wave? Is it just a musical phenomenon? NO, IT’S SHELNZ !! you got to check out his music on Youtube and iTunes… This guy is LEGANDARRRYYYY …. EPICCC !!!! I am excited about this interview … well enough with the introductions here it is.

All right, let’s open the window, let’s get some oxygen in the room, Why do you smoke so much?
I’ve tried to stop smoking hundreds of times, it’s easy!

Do you think other artists who don’t smoke are less superior to you?

I feel that your name SHELN is special, is it an old pharaonic name? What does your name mean? 
SHELNZ is a nickname given to me by my Greek-Egyptian girlfriend we had a relationship Ten years ago, which ended quickly.

And what does SHELNZ mean?
I don’t know yet. if you come up with something let me know!

So what is your real name? 
Mahmoud Hesham

When did the music journey start? 
– I haven’t started yet, but I almost felt like I had talent since the age of fourteen. 

Who is the first person who caught your attention that you are talented in music? 
– My mom

What are your musical influences?
– Demis Roussos, Freddie Mercury, Vangelis…& I’m always a big fan of classic music (Eric Satie, Bach, Chopin)

What do you think of the electro/indie music scene in Egypt?
– I don’t think there is any!

When did you start feeling that you start succeeding?
– I’m still very far away from success… success is to accomplish something.

If you make a music video, what would be like?
– It has to sort of resemble my name, Shelnz, I always have ideas of blending the classic elements and fantasies with what today’s technology can offer.

Back to the cigarettes, did anybody try to advise you to quit smoking? 
– Darling, I said I’ve tried to stop smoking fu**ing hundreds of times!!!

Why does half of your Facebook real profile have in it, Demis Roussos Songs?
– I love him he’s my hero.

Are you seeing/dating/in a relationship with someone?
– No, at all… just music.

What are the qualities you are looking for in your partner? Does it include being a heavy smoker like you? 
– I really have no idea, I’m still waiting for someone who can surprise me =) but I think she should be an artist in a someway.

Well before I go, Can I ask a cigarette off you?
Well! Let’s burn some cigarettes. 

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