Interview with Rising Star Suave Toronto

We’ll known music artist and entrepreneur from Toronto Canada has been making a buzz in the country. His music has begun to make numbers and get into charts. With about 4 albums and a couple mixtapes going steady he has surely put in the work and has the criteria to be Canada’s next top artist on the billboard .

An intricate and interesting review with the Artist better known as “Suave”. It is clear Suave dabbles in the lines of the definition of rap but is more to the artistic creative side that is marketable outside of where he thrives. Making music and working in professional production since 2010, starting from a young age, his sound & style following time would not suffice to even the present days. With many other talents that combine him with r&b, Reggae & rap he has made it clear he will thrive dependently in any genre and sound. After reviewing albums you will see combinations of calm, cool, collective vibes with a lot of bass and indulgence to living a better life coming from poverty expressed in his lyrics in short, Suave has a lot of various wordplay and punchlines. Most verses consist around being confident, sly, successful with tendencies towards luxury. his lyrics vary from soft elegant singing to dominant hard punch lines that deliver & are easily adaptable to any sound. he has made it clear he wanted to be more than a local artist from his small place in Canada.