Introducing Keilley Lee Marques, fashion and lifestyle blogger and creative jewelry designer

Keilley Lee Marques is a Brazilian influencer, lifestyle and travel blogger, incredibly gifted jewelry designer, former volleyball player, and the basketball wife of former player and coach Luboš Barton.

Keilley is an avid traveler who documents her travels in her blog,, where she also shares her love for fashion, food, mental and physical health, and the desire to live and to discover new trends or rediscover the forgotten ones. The blog is designed with a very simple and colorful user interface, a responsive layout, and a rich display of Keilley’s diversified outlook in life. 

Speaking about the blog, Keilley said: “my blog has been created to think about the diversified life and experience that one can have. Life is full of moments, hard work, new opportunities, and feelings that we share. This blog won’t be just one more about fashion, music, food, travel, or lifestyle or Barcelona. In the end, for a complete life, one needs to experience and explore the world around him.”

Jewelry is an art, and the designer is an Artist. As a jewelry designer, licensed in arts and with a degree in Jewelry and also in Gestion and Creación de Emprensa,  Keilley is among the finest in Europe. For ages, women have been fascinated by the extra sophistication added by jewelry. For some, it’s the icing on the cake to a jaw-dropping outfit; for others, it’s simply an obsession. Whatever the reason, Keilley’s eye-catching designs are a perfect fit. Her craft transcends mere adornment. It’s complete ingenuity that mirrors nature and feminine grace.

Through her company, KLeeOfficial based in Barcelona, Spain, Keilley offers jewelry and different types of accessories for both male and female customers, fulfilling their cosmopolitan needs and inspiring a sense of confidence. “The feeling of luck goes hand in hand with confidence. And fortunately, our confidence is something that we can improve: it’s simply a matter of focusing on what we want and working hard, Or buy our lucky necklace,” she said.

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