Introducing Miss Aishwarya Yadav, Author, Producer and Pro-Painter Certified Reiki Healer and a certified NLP Coach

Miss Aishwarya Yadav (28 years) is a highly ambitious and career-oriented personality working towards individual and societal advancement through acquaintance and invention.

Miss Aishwarya Yadav always worked with the best in every field – be it Jaypee Greens as an architect or Warner Bros for filmmaking and producing a Telugu film Ashwamedham single-handedly. In addition, she triumphantly produced and directed a short film ‘Blues’ in New York.

Miss Aishwarya Yadav is a well-rounded individual with diverse expertise in various disciplines that make her a visionary with wisdom and intelligence.

Image Credit: Instagram @aishwaryayaadav

Belonging to a family of media professionals, Aishwarya Yadav has authored a book- “A journey to the hidden world”, yet to be published.

Miss Aishwarya Yadav is a certified Reiki healer and a certified NLP coach. In addition, she is a counsellor with an analytical and thorough approach on the spiritual front. Aishwarya has effectively dealt with individual and group therapy assemblies to understand and uncork a broad spectrum of issues. 

Image Credit: Instagram @aishwaryayaadav

Miss Aishwarya Yadav is an all-rounder and a genius in using her time and talent, Gifted with an imaginative mind. She treasures painting. In a previous interview, She mentioned, “The painting soothes my mind and soul. It is one way of meditation that relaxes me the most”. 

She exhibited her artwork at international exhibitions organised in Goa and received several souvenirs for the same.

Miss Aishwarya Yadav is a deeply-rooted girl with extensive knowledge of Indian and Western philosophy, which gives her a global perspective to understand people and society.

Miss Aishwarya Yadav is a very humble individual with a great spirit of humanity and dignity. She has constantly been available to people in insufficiency to serve them at all levels possible to her command. She is one of the fashionable, dynamic girls who distinguished in varied domains with her expertise and status of acquiring things to help humanity. 

Image Credit: Instagram @aishwaryayaadav

A great sign of Miss Aishwarya’s integrity is that she has humbly put down many invitations for special interviews. She asked. With a humble appeal, she has a lot to proffer for humanity and will undoubtedly be available for media interactions once she reaches the goal of helping a million people.