J Bert Music – An Iconic Record Label Winning Over The Million Hearts Worldwide

J Bert has become increasingly interested in pursuing musical careers. Despite how appealing it may be, establishing a successful career in the music industry is incredibly difficult, even if you are very talented. To be successful, one shouldn’t simply share the music but seize every opportunity that comes his way. This is something that J Bert, a musician, rapper, and composer, did.

His record label, Bert Music, is currently making waves in the music space. Today, we have decided to shed light on J Bert’s iconic music record and his life and accomplishments that helped him achieve so much in his life and career.


J Bert revealed his new venture, “Bert Music,” on February 7, 2019. His management team was responsible for the smooth functioning of this record label. J. Bert’s album “What’s Next” was released through his Bert Music label on October 15, 2021. Right after its initial release, it attracted the attention of millions of music fans around the globe. The hit single “Love Her” from the Dallas rappers brought him widespread acclaim and popularity. With the advent of reels and TikTok, it just took a few hours for the song to become a viral sensation.

Since the beginning of this year, J Bert has released a few new tracks under the “Bert Music” label. His current net worth is just over $100,000. According to today’s market, his BMW X6 is worth over $40,000. Considering his age and achievements, he will do something bigger and better in the future. Additionally, J Bert was among the several artists who performed at this year’s Afrimma Awards in Dallas.

J. Bert is, without a doubt, an artistic genius with a good soul. He provides various services to aspiring music artists, including financial aid, marketing and promotion, specialized assistance, music distribution, license agreements, complete branding, and much more. All of this shows that he is not self- centered and instead seeks the collective success of the US music industry for the sake of those who deserve it the most through his record company.


Junior Kissi was born on April 22, 1998. His original rap name was Bert, but he later changed it to J. Bert, which he still uses today. Although he was born in Dallas, Texas, he is also proficient in French, thanks to his ancestry. He attended

J. J. Pearce High School in Richardson, Texas, for his senior year.

J. Bert endured a lot of difficulties in his early childhood, including the split between his parents and then relocation to Lyon, France, when he was only six. After a while, he found his true calling  with  music  and  started  exploring different genres, initially as a listener. He started jamming to artists like Sexion d’Assaut, Jay-Z, 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., and 50 Cent. Nonetheless, he started listening to artists like Drake and Future after moving back to Dallas.

His first studio album, “The Kairos,” was released on October 3, 2018. Released on February 7, 2019, Vision is his second studio album. He also worked with another promising young musician, Detty K, to produce a song titled “Stump It,” which was a global hit. His third studio album, titled Eighty-Eight, was released on December 28, 2020. Apart from these projects, a multimedia powerhouse with over 15 million followers publicly acknowledged and supported J. Bert on the 11-track project.

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