J-Roca Releases New Music “My Brother”

In 2019, J-Roca lost his best friend Ruben “Goggles” Kendrick to a tragic car accident. Full of pain and sadness, J-Roca poured his heart and soul into his next single“My Brother’. My Brother is a hard hitting, soulful, heartfelt homage to falling soldiers and to ones we’ve lost way to soon. In 2020, “My Brother” took off virally reaching over 500,000+ streams and close to 1 million impressions online. Garnering co-signs from Quality Control’s CEO P and a recent video of Sada Baby going up to “My Brother” in a nightclub.

J-Roca is a lyricist, serial entrepreneur, songwriter and philanthropist from Detroit, Michigan. J-Roca has come a long way from killing emcees in lunchrooms and beating on tables. His versatility, stage performance, style and witty personality sets him apart from the norm.

He delivers charm and a grittiness that’s sure to capture fans hearts and ears worldwide, with a vibe you can definitely ride to. At the age of nine, J-Roca started writing rhymes and poetry and started recording music in the studio at the age of 13.