Jade Mario Explains the Making of The Jadeite’s Emotions Music Album

Earlier this year, Singer-Songwriter Jade Mario released “The Jadeite’s Emotions.” The album is made up of 8 Emotional appealing songs with Memories Never Die being the most listened on Apple music. Behind this Lofi album are lots of memories from his past  he compiled into songs, being a notable writer, he says “this Album was a combination of ink tears and paper.”

The Jadeite’s Emotions feels to be so personal, what circumstances inspired you?
This is one I hoped I would never encounter but ill respect your question. So you all see an album but to me its more than that, its every demon that has been haunting me for the past years, memories I cant erase. Moments I wish turned out to be different. Long story short, its everything I lost in time and Everything I don’t wanna lose.

So why release it now after all these years?
It was so heavy on my heart, I just felt like writing it out would help numb the pain.

Memories Never Fade and a Love Twist speak clearly. She was my Everything and I lost her through time, time I have no control over, a recorded birthday wish from her is all I’m left with as a reminder of how much I lost. but also a all those I have and don’t wanna lose because they mean the world to me and ill do all I can to not disappoint.

We lose friends, love, sometimes not given a chance to say we are sorry for walking away when they needed us the most, and somehow we stay haunted forever.

What do your listeners learn from this Album?
All I can say is that the most expensive think in this life is Time, enjoy the small things you can reach with your friends, family, loved ones and stop chasing shadows of success because money will never bring you happiness, memories will, or will not it all depends on what you did with your precious time.

The Song Memories Never Die is still getting a lot of attention from music lovers, although when we asked Jade Mario to tell us more about this particular song he didn’t respond. All he said was and I quote 

“I’m good but not an Angel, I do sin but am not the Devil” 

Listen to Memories Never Die here and don’t forget to follow Jade Mario on Instagram @xarioxo