JamesDJJ announces new song “Emily” with Carima

Yesterday JamesDJJ went live with Carima, an Italian influencer, as he also is, Italian, to chat a bit and to present his upcoming single “Emily”. While the live was a huge success with many spectators, James gained even more attention on Carima’s page, as he presented there his next single, and the artist confirmed that this is the lead single off his next album and it will be out officially on the 29th of January everywhere, also on YouTube, wich James has not a nice relationship with this platform.

Although it was a huge success since the beginning, the Italian influencer said that this isn’t quite her style, but is nice at the end, in fact, “Emily” is an electropop song, and all of his Jamerzs came to listen to a snippet of it, it was probably the best thing in 2020.

The song will be out on January 29, so make sure you save that date and don’t miss JamesDJJ Live’s, he also gets angry.