Janta Curfew is for the good of people, says G Gulati, Personal Brand Strategist

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country, on Thursday, and spoke about the steps that the government is taking along with the civil initiatives that need to be taken to fight coronavirus. Mr. Modi urged the nation to observe janta curfew – a self-imposed curfew by the public, for the public – on March 22 from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.

He urged people to avoid coming out of homes as much as possible, he said “I also urge senior citizens of over 65 years to not step outside their homes in the next few weeks.”

This is for the first time when there are less differences of opinion between people and the government of the country. Everybody is trying to play his/her role in the best possible way.

We got to speak to Gaurav Gulati, Personal Brand Strategist about the COVID – 19 and the steps taken by the government. Gulati, who seems to be quite responsible about the country and its people said, “I completely support the Government and its directives.”

He further said, “This is one of the best steps and the most required as well before the situation gets out of control. Everybody should support the government and its initiatives, which are meant specifically for the good of people.”

“Those who are taking things lightly should understand their duty towards the nation. They should understand that this time is to be responsible, to support the government and help others in their own capacity. Roaming here and there, partying, social gatherings can create problems for you, your family, and your friends and for the entire community, which is not wise. Staying indoors will not harm anyone in any situation; however, unnecessarily staying outside, contacting or catching up with people can do a lot of harm to many. Being a citizen of the country everyone should behave responsibly towards the nation and should do what is right,” added G Gulati.

He urged people to stay home and stay safe for their good and for the good of the nation!