Japanese Music Artist Riku (戮) Delivers a Profound Rhythmic Twist in His Latest Single, “Rin Pun”

Singer and songwriter Riku (戮) is back with another hit single “Rin Pun.” It is a provocative song that takes the audience on a journey of self-image through the ideals of beauty. “Rin Pun” means powder from the butterfly’s wing. The song describes a woman who feels unattractive (like a moth) and wishes to be pretty (like a butterfly). It also conveys the pain she feels as a result of her poor self-esteem and the brutal tactics she takes to accomplish beauty. She spends enormous amounts of time applying extensive make-up and dressing in gaudy clothes as a social mask to conceal her fears and anxieties, creating a perfect recipe for mental health problems.

Riku (戮) has a versatile and distinct style. His music immediately grabs the listener’s attention with provocative themes and unflinching honesty. He hopes to introduce music to a new audience and inspire listeners to consider contemporary issues that affect our mental health. Best known as the lead vocalist for well-known bands such as HISKAREA, Phantasmagoria, Lin and Chariots, and others, Riku expresses his experimental side through his music. His concepts and uniqueness are elements of his soundscape that set him apart from the crowd.

Listen to “Rin Pun” on Spotify and follow Riku on Instagram and Twitter to learn more about his upcoming projects.

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