Jennifer Carlson to launch a non-gendered teen personal care brand

After launching and leading 2 food brands for babies and kids, the Canadian entrepreneur is all set to launch non-gendered skin and body care brand for teens. Carlson has spent the past year building the brand.

Her new Thirsty Naturals brand is to be launched in retail stores throughout Canada on Monday.

Carlson got inspired to start this brand from her own experiences as a parent and her concerns about the safety of conventional personal care products. The Thirsty Naturals brand positions ‘natural’ ingredients as safe and ‘synthetic’ ingredients as toxic.

In a statement about the brand’s launch date, Carlson said, “As kids enter adolescence and teen years, suddenly the ongoing parent-to-kid conversation moves from brushing and flossing teeth as part of a daily good hygiene routine, to encouraging them to use deodorant – awkward – and to get into a skincare routine: wash, cleanse, treat those pimples, pop on a facemask.” ​ 

Further she added, “I was shocked, to find that all products recommended to this age demographic used toxic ingredients, pore-blocking silicones and hormone disruptors.”​

Carlson strongly believes her skin and body care for teens is the next logical step from her food brand Baby Gourmet and her organic snack brand Slammers. She explained, “I spent a lifetime promoting good nutrition and I couldn’t, in good conscience, start my kids personal body care journey with toxic products. So, like we did with Baby Gourmet – we wanted to create the best products for the next stage of our kids’ development, so we created Thirsty Naturals.”​

Thirsty Naturals’ product portfolio will have 6 products meant for specific skin type: sensitive, oil-prone, dry, combination, etc.