Jessica Frost – The highly anticipated Fantasy/ Action/ Sci-fi Film moves forward

Jackfruit Studios and Blue 87 Productions are heading into advanced development/pre-production on the highly anticipated fantasy/sci-fi feature film “Jessica Frost”.

Runar Berntsen is attached as director. The film was co-created by Cristo M. Sanchez and Runar Berntsen and with Cristo M. Sanchez as the Screenwriter. The film is slated for a late 2021 or early 2022 release. Sales are currently in progress.

Jessica Frost” tells the story of a young woman who teams up with a troubled ex-Marine following the horrific death of her father. It’s a race against time to catch up to a time-travelling psychopath and his entourage of maniacal killers, who’s hell bent on hunting her down.

Runar Berntsen

Matthew Helderman, Jordan Scott Garrett and Luke Taylor are attached as executive producers along with Gita Farid, Runar Berntsen, Giovanti V. Walton, Grady Craig, and Ty Pursley producing. Buffalo 8 Productions (A BondIt Media Capital Company) is also a co-production partner of the film.

Jackfruit Studios is additionally working on a slate of 3 other pictures after recently announcing their latest projects. The genres being Action, Thrillers and Horror.

Cristo M. Sanchez

The production company, based in Hollywood, CA with offices in the UK, works with a variety of international partners and crews across the USA and Europe.

It recently participated in this year’s virtual American Film Market (AFM), and has been developing its slate ahead of a very busy 2021 and 2022. Specializing in feature films, short films and innovative Music Videos, Jackfruit Studios is a leading production boutique for international film projects.