Jhonni Blaze On The Rise

Hailing from Jamaica, Queens, New York, Jhonni Blaze is an R&B singer-songwriter. Jhonni Blaze is extremely fluent in a number of instruments including the piano, violin, drums and more.

Jhonni Blaze got her fame in Houstan, Texas, which has lead her career to the urban model, video vixen and major recording artist.

Since hearing her latest song “Carlton” and watching the several TikTok videos. It was clear that this song and dance was a viral phenomenon on the world’s most successful app

We are privileged to interview Jhonni Blaze:

Where did you grow up?
Blaze; I grew up in Valdosta Georgia “Air Force baby) And I lived in Germany and then I came back to the states. I lube almost everywhere

How did you get started in music?
Blaze; I got started in music since I was six years old I been a prodigy basically I ended up playing classical music at 9 years old. I play piano violin drums guitar.

Who inspires you?
Blaze; Beyonce, Whitney Houston Mariah Carey their vocals is amazing to me it’s great to look up to the best.

What’s your favorite genre of music?
Favorite genre is pop RnB and also hip hop classical music I love listening to different music Because you can get so much out it. It’s different passions.

What is your end game or goal?
Blaze; My end game is to be successful and show the world it’s ok to be yourself change the game help people see the greatness in them through music.

Who would you want to collab and why?
Blaze; If I could collab with anyone it would be drake I think he’s super dope I met him before and it would have to be the dream as far as producing.

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