Jorge Ponce, founder of Ponce Vintage

A old millennial entrepreneur, Jorge Ponce built his business from his Laptop. He started vintage digital store PONCE VINTAGE armed with just his laptop and 500 dollars while he was traveling on a budget.

The business is now one of Europe’s favorite vintage retailers on Etsy and Ebay – it has dispatched more than 2,000 orders since 2020 launched and lists an average of 20-30 new preloved items to its website every day.

The JP brand has built a customer base following of shoppers who snap up its extensive collection of retro sport and streetwear from brands such as Adidas, Fila, Nike and JP brand. It has 2,000 Instagram followers.

“I always had a passion for used clothing,” Ponce says. “I work as an actor and TV producction, but True Vintage was my real baby“.

As the business progressed, I focused on free-to-use marketing channels such as Instagram to build the brand and basically taught myself what I needed to know, when I needed to know it, as I went.”

My goal is to have the best prices on vintage clothing, my customers are mostly College Students and happy to sell great quality clothing whit great prices.

Jorge says: is Recycling, New clothing can take up to 40 years to decompose, most fabrics are made with dyes and chemicals that can contaminate the soil and water in the ground.Every year, more than 80 billion articles of clothing are produced That means that every year, billions of used articles of clothing are thrown away to make room for the new ones.This is an unfortunate waste of valuable resources…Why Vintage Clothing?♻️ One of the kind clothing.♻️ Unique♻️ Great price and your helping to save the planet, Vintage is recycling.♻️ Next time you plan to go shopping, try checking out a VINTAGE STORE.Ecological, saves you money and have that FEEL GOOD Felling about the fact that your old clothes are likely to end up making someone else very happy!