Joshua Tree CA ‘Asterian Astrologer’ Jade Luna makes 3 more perfect public predictions

Renowned Asterian Astrologer and author of “27 Stars”, “Asterian Astrology: The Lost System of Alexander the Great”, “Hecate I” and “Hecate II”, also known for precision accuracy of the Pandemic, riots and weather disasters strikes again with three perfect predictions. Early in the year Jade Luna predicted that this year would produce record breaking heat and record breaking cold. That became a reality as 2021 produced some of the most extreme weather in recorded history. Not only did the prediction of record breaking heat take place in the summer, the arctic recorded the coldest season in history. Jade Luna also told over 70 clients that the eclipses on November 19th and December 3rd 2021 would produce a new covid variant. Jade Luna’s exact words were “the eclipses align with Scorpio (sidereal) so the eclipses would produce fear from a variant and weather disasters to follow.”

Jade’s 2021 predictions:

  • Record breaking heat and cold
  • New variant from the fall eclipses
  • Weather disasters after the fall eclipses

You can find the Original pandemic prediction here

To know more about Jade Luna don’t forget to follow him on Instagram @jadesolluna

Siddharth Sharma

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