Kargil Vijay Diwas – A Day to remember the brave sacrifices & the victory

26th July, Kargil Vijay Diwas Is A Proud And Happy As Well As A Sad Day.

The day is to commemorate the victory of the Indian troops after setting brave precedences for future inspiration of courage, valour and sacrifice. Yet sad that many brave and great soldiers gave the supreme sacrifice for their nation and left behind a rich legacy that must be emulated, to see India safe and strong forever.

The martyrs deserve much more accolade, as they are real-life heroes and not just reel heroes, who feign and enact heroics in controlled circumstances. Unfortunately, our citizens, do not accord what must be accorded as superlative & deserving much more than we have truly awarded, on the contrary, these pseudo heroes achieve more than they deserve, which this day onwards must be corrected by the nation policymakers.

This day, the “Operation Vijay ” came to an end, on a successful note as the Indian army regained its outpost in the year 1999, that it had lost to Pakistan. Sad it is for India had lost 527 of its brave soldiers & officers. The day commemorates that the Indian army had successfully reestablished, its position to where it stood before the proxy war was initiated by Pakistan.

It was 60 days well-fought war where Pakistan was well-positioned at high altitude areas, yet the Indian soldiers fought bravely to overpower the challenge of difficult terrain and adverse positions with unparalleled courage and embraced success in their military operation, “Operation Vijay “. The sadness revolves around the fact that in spite of best efforts of, the then prime ministers of both countries, India and Pakistan, where making efforts to resolve conflict and thus was indulging in building faith exercise by “Lahore bus yatra ” and the Pakistan army under the leadership of the then general of Pakistan, general Pervez Musharraf was hideously building bunkers and that of steel so that it can strategically control the drass sector which overlooked the main connecting routes between Kashmir and Ladakh.

The Indian army had mobilised around two lakh troops, soldiers and officers to counter the earlier presumed infiltrators out from the 100-200 square kilometre area they had captured as per intelligence, so as to detach Ladakh from the Indian mainland including Kashmir under the operation “Badri ” launched by Pakistan parallel to deceptive ” Lahore bus yatra “Thus disguising of good faith to India and behind the back making efforts to gain not only territory in the name of gaining proactive role towards Kashmir but also to unnecessarily internationalise the issue of Kashmir and thus, forcing Indian troops to withdraw from the Siachen glacier and gain strategic position so as to make an easy target of India in case of conflict which they were brewing in their mind as possible, so to alienate – Ladakh from the mainland.

It was a well, planned exercise where already they had preplanned for along with infiltrators, the presence of soldiers of Pakistan army points, clearly to their surreptitious desires.

Note – after both countries conducted nuclear testing in the year 1998, they both ( India and Pakistan ) had spoiled their already ultra-thin faith in each other. Thus as history has been witness, Pakistan famous for its treacherous conduct, indulged yet again in a war, though it disclaimed its participation and ironically did not honour their dead soldiers.

The celebrations are conducted prominently in two locations, the Kargil war memorial at drass sector area and of course the symbolic “Amar Japan Jyoti ” at the India gate in Delhi.

Dr. Arun K Shukla

Dr. Arun K. Shukla (Psychology) is Faculty Captain and Chief Executive La Militaire Academy. The Academy under his guidance has recorded many thousand selections to its credit as serving officers and soldiers in the Indian Armed Forces. A poet in three languages English, Hindi and Spoken Urdu with excellence in sketching and high oratory skills in both English and Hindi. Dr. Shukla is a keen observer and believer of promoting "Education as a change in psychological perception"

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