“Katie Williams” Wins Hearts As Instagram’s Top Influencer 

Katie Williams has earned her recognition for her Instagram k_duub account as a social media celebrity. Often her lean muscle physics has allowed her to grow massively in fame through fitness, her bikini and trendy fashions.

In January 2012, she shared her first Instagram photo on her account. She has amassed her Instagram account over 440K followers.

We have the pleasure to speak with Katie;

Why have you decided to pursue a social media career?
In my daily life, I have always been incredibly outgoing and an open book, so it translates pretty well online. In one of my journeys, I bring my fans along and they get a first-hand look at what it’s like to fly with groups of girls to exciting places. Social networking has given me a lot of friendships and career prospects to partner with businesses and generate my own finally. On the trips I go on, many of my closest friends have been made, such as Costa Rica, Antigua, Bali, Cabo, Miami, Lalapalooza in Chicago, 2020 superbowl, and so many other enjoyable activities. It has always come easily to me to reveal my life online and chat with others. I like talking to my followers from all over the world and creating a bond with them. It’s good to have a group of people of like minds who support me in everything I do.

What’s your main vulnerability? In order to improve it what are you doing?
My biggest flaw is insecurity!!! It’s very tough for me to open up to individuals on an interpersonal basis. I am an Aquarius and when I feel vulnerable to self-protection, I may become very detached. I do like making friends, but it is hard for me to let strangers into my private world.

What’s the main strength?
My strongest asset is my inner push. I will lay my head down and work and do something to make that happen. I admire persistence and it’s a very impressive quality, I believe. I am capable of finding a solution to tough situations and I still make the most of every situation. I am able to manoeuvre through conflicts to pursue different solutions that can not be used by some. Instead of wallowing in my misery, I am really able to chill out and get something down to get through a difficult moment.

On social media, what are your goals?
To widen my audience abroad so that I can meet as many individuals as possible. I want to use a presence where I can have a favourable influence on someone. Fitness is very important to me but by inspiration and designing fitness plans for them, I want to support other people with their objectives. It’s very important to me to be safe and it affects all aspects of your life-physical, behavioural, and emotional well-being. Fitness is still something I can rely on to get me through tough times and in happier times, lift me higher. I will still throw on my running shoes, put on my headphones, and concentrate on myself after a workout, no matter where I am on earth. I want to provide the same platform to someone to assist them with whatever they are going through and for me that was a big crutch.

What are your biggest successes so far?
My biggest reward will be the joy of helping my viewers fulfil their objectives and to enjoy for themselves the best possible life. I still want to show my fans that the sky is the limit and whatever they want can be had by anybody. It makes them know that they can, too, when they see me live my life to the fullest.

It is also very rewarding to be entirely independent of everybody financially. No one can tell me what to do, hold me back from something or say anything about what I’m doing or not doing. I’m absolutely in control of my life and that feels great.

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