Killing for Profit – The Evil That is Big Pharma

Non-prescription over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs are deadly and are now killing more people annually than heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

The American Medical Association admits that prescription drugs are now the third leading cause of death in the United States. It’s worth repeating: Prescription and over the counter drugs are killing more people than they are supposed to be curing.

For anyone old enough to remember the Vioxx drug scandal back in the mid 2000’s, all we have to do is examine what happened to understand how the pharmaceutical industry operates. Merck, the developer of Vioxx, and the FDA, knew years before they made the drug available to the public that Vioxx would kill tens of thousands of people. 

Merck and the FDA did not release this knowledge, but rather hid and suppressed this knowledge because the profits that would be earned by selling this drug would be in the billions. This is exactly what the tobacco industry did in the 1950’s. They knew that cigarette smoking would kill people, but they hid this evidence and lied before congress.

The drug companies and the FDA are doing the exact same thing today. If this were happening in any other country, the U.S government would be claiming genocide, but because it is happening in America, virtually zero action is being taken.

Vioxx was a prescription drug that was given to people for pain. What was uncovered was disturbing information and facts that were suppressed and hidden for years before the drug was made available to the public. The most shocking part was that both the company Merck and the FDA knew that Vioxx increased and caused heart disease and strokes.

The information that was uncovered showed that the situation was much worse than anyone thought. Only a year after people started dying from using Vioxx to treat pain, the FDA and scientists admitted that Vioxx caused the deaths of over 150,000 people by directly inducing heart attacks and strokes.

The FDA has admitted that it’s defenseless against the ever-increasing catastrophes of prescription and non-prescription drugs.

For anyone who is taking any prescription or non-prescription over the counter drugs, you absolutely must stop taking these drugs immediately.

Stop taking them while under supervision of a licensed medical professional as these drugs are so powerful that suddenly stopping them can cause medical problems.

To cure and prevent disease, you must stop taking drugs. Remember, drug companies are publicly traded corporations.

This means they have only one objective and that is to make money. The only way that drug companies make money is by convincing you that you need their drugs on order to feel better.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Dug companies only make money by getting more people to take more drugs.

If a drug company’s goal was to cure and prevent disease, they would all go out of business. This is the #1 thing to remember.

If you watch any of the financial news networks such as Bloomberg, CNBC, or any other cable station that focuses on publicly traded companies and financial markets, you will see over and over again how drug companies talk about their business.

They never talk about curing and preventing disease. They talk about “market share”, “profitability”, “long-term growth” and new up-and-coming drugs that will increase bottom line profits.

Never once will you hear them talk about curing and preventing disease. If you read Investors Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal and Business Week or any financial newspaper or magazine, when you read articles about the drug industry, they never talk about curing and preventing disease. They only talk about these companies’ ability to sell more drugs and increase profitability.

They talk about the millions of dollars being put in lobbying efforts in Washington D.C to get congress to pass laws that support the pharmaceutical drug companies. For example, having the government buy drugs and incentivize doctors who prescribe the most drugs.

It’s sickening to think that nowhere within their ideology is the curing and preventing of disease ever discussed or even a factor in any of their decision making. 

To cure and prevent disease, drugs should never be taken. Drugs cause disease and make it harder for the body’s natural immunity to fight disease.

The drug companies know this, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) knows this, but they are taking no action because there is too much money and profits involved. 

In my book “Fit Body 4 LIFE”, I go into detail about the rampant cover-ups and corruption happening every day inside the drug companies, the FDA and the medical associations, both in America and globally. The rabbit hole goes very deep.

It’s now estimated that well over a million people have died from taking the drug Vioxx. The drug was eventually pulled off the market, but not after causing massive and needless suffering and death.

Remember that the next time you reach for a drug.

Article Authored by Adi Crnalic
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