King Fourtee On The Rise

Fourtee was driving around celebrity rappers and now he is one. He is the true definition of “anything can happen.” He proves himself time and time again with his New York banter and smooth tantalizing voice whenever he touches the mic.

It all started when he created a meme video that went viral…titled “Lil Uzi Vert driver has bars” and that changed everything making people look up.

NBA2K soundtrack is the reason Fourtee has been going mainstream as his latest single “Freeze” reaches millions of views .

Welcome King Fourtee !

How do you create content for your audience?
I study the algorithm of my fan base of what they really like of me then make more of that content.

How do you stand out from other musicians ?
The biggest way I stand out is not just being a artist but thinking like an exec therefore I’m 10 steps ahead of the average artist especially knowing the business.

Is dealing with trolls/haters a part of the job description? How do you deal with that?
Paying them no mind at all is the only way you can overcome the negativity because the trolls are searching for an reaction. NEVER REACT.

What’s your favorite streaming platform and why?
My favorite streaming platform is Spotify but also tidal because a black man “Jay-Z” owns it.

What advice can you give to aspiring musicians ?
My biggest advice to younger artist on the come up is understanding that music business is two words not one.