King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan fulfils the last wish of his fan battling cancer

Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood superstar, is no stranger to inspiring his fans with his deeds and inspirational words. The 57-year-old superstar always makes sure that he thanks his fans personally.

Recently, a cancer patient named Shivani Chakraborty from West Bengal expressed her desire to meet SRK before she passes away. Shah Rukh Khan made her wish true by video calling his 60-year-old fan whose treatment is ongoing.

The superstar talked over video call for around 30 minutes with her. Reportedly, the Badshah of Bollywood told her that he would love to have some fish cooked by her. Shivani is battling terminal cancer and is at its last stage. It all started when Priya, Shivani’s daughter, wrote a heartfelt post on Twitter to Shah Rukh Khan, urgently requesting a video call for her mother who is battling cancer.

Shivani’s daughter Priya talked about their conversation with Shah Rukh Khan. She said that “SRK will pray for my mother’s speedy recovery. He read a ‘dua’ for her. SRK promised my mum that he would come to my wedding and have fish curry made in her kitchen provided the fish did not have bones”.

“I am counting days as doctors have said I will not live long. There is one wish, call it my last wish. It is to meet Shahrukh Khan before I die. I want to see him in person. I will cook for him something that we eat at our home every day,” Shivani said, in an earlier interview with Aaj Tak.