Ktborderline Gives the secret to going viral

Ktborderline learns digital marketing and promotions to reach the audience and he was able to get there after a lot of learning and planning through repeated trials and errors. Things were not easy for him as an independent music artist in the music world.

Instead of opting for just paid promotions, he also utilized social media marketing to reach the audience that was looking for something that can thrill their minds. Ktborderline is set to revolutionise many aspects of hip-hop music and has been named as “hip-hop for youth”. Entering a career that he has dreamt of since his childhood, Ktborderline is all set to disrupt the hip-hop music scene and make a rare self-made success story.

I was on @vladtv talking about the Single we had out at the time called “Fresh in the club” on how it went over 2million views. The trick to going viral is SEO which stand for search engine optimization a lot of artist use words like Jayz, 50cent etc, but these are the words you never use when you are uploading a new video. And the reason why is these words get million searches A month so you need to use words that get anywhere between 30,00 to 50,000 searches per month. And also putting your music video on other websites so you can get traffic outside of YouTube.