Kushal Punjabi’s soul calls for Social Responsibility – ” time we acted.”

Kushal Punjabi’s suicide arrived as a shock to his colleagues and friends, who were shaken by the unfortunate news. The actor body was found hanging at his Mumbai apartment on December 26. The police got a suicide note at his home, where he hasn’t blamed anyone for his death. According to reports, Kushal was suffering from clinical depression.

Sad indeed, but doubly sad is the fact that we have been over a long period of time expressing regret as a perfunctory duty, yet remaining callous in consolidating and curbing the menace for the future …. time calls for lessons on mental health.

A healthy society is directly proportional to its mental grooming, so as to scale overall challenges in times ahead which has stood as indefinite, undefined and a panorama of shades, both light and dark.

The stress and strain, offered by the dynamic existence, demands dynamic evolution and we all are a spectator to many such contours, as we stand comparatively crowded to earlier times and our earlier learning if remains far from updation to the new changes, essential for existence we stand strongly challenged in our fight of survival of the fittest.

Face – we must to the fact that world is psychologically structured as conceptualised in a utopian version, that – “ the best will win “, but when it comes to ground realities, only the performers on stage wins, unfortunately, the talented may never enjoy the stage or the resultant applaud, he or she actually deserves. The eclipse of desires and talent, thereafter the mental toughness to handle the loops in the straight run, needs patient compliance and execution.

The individuals desirous or addictive to limelight suffers the most of change of times as the psychological hangover or hunger as the case may be, blinds wisdom, and the individual becomes the psychological casualty.

The social structure was consolidated earlier with strong bonds and any mental abrasion if ever was healed with healthy mental outputs by the members of the team, experienced and dutifully monitoring, however in the present times the individualistic colour has overpowered the healthy web and individuals stand stranded. Thus minus the social remedies, they choose the fatal yet easiest option available of self-annihilation.

Suicides of many are reflective of the insensitive outlook we are nurturing in our minds, as we endeavour into the future. Time has arrived that we pause and dutifully resolve the multiplying social malady. Good psychological health promoted by detailed mental education is undoubtedly the cue, provided it is administered effectively.

Interactive psychotherapeutic workshop administered in the early years, coupled with consistent workshops to strengthen the mind that monitors the existence is not only need of the hour as a mere solution, but mandatory action to safeguard our children – our tomorrow.

Kushal Punjabi’s suicide is an addition of yet another page, in the long history of suicides happening around the country and the globe. we must as we can resolve by taking the extra step , a step more than just expressing compassion. We need to empathise, with the fatal realities and resolve them by digging deep the hidden roots and throwing out the wild weeds and leaving behind a fertile land of a healthy existence.