Lizzo reveals the negative thoughts she at times has about her body: “What’s wrong with me? ‘I know I’m beautiful, I just don’t feel it’

Lizzo, the renowned singer, 32, who has come out several times as a free-spoken personality supporting to love the skin you’re in, divulged even she has days where she battles with her thoughts.

Lizzo reveals the recurring thoughts in her mind about her body, having a bad day with her confidence in her skin, ‘I know I’m beautiful, I just don’t feel it.’ She has disclosed that just like every other person, difficult times unfold in front of her too. There are days when negative thoughts surround her making her feel low about her body image, but after all that, she knows she is ‘gonna get through it.’

‘I came home, and I took my clothes off to take a shower, and I just started having all of these negative thoughts about myself’, Lizzo revealed speaking on TikTok.

‘Like, you know, “What’s wrong with me? Maybe everything, all the mean things people say about me are true.” And, you know, “Why am I so disgusting?” And [I was] hating my body.’

Amidst having a bad day, feeling down, Lizzo made sure her followers don’t get dejected and said that she surely would wake up feeling different about herself.

She further said: ‘Normally, I would have some positive thing to say to get me out of this, but I don’t, and that’s ok too.

‘I can only hope that it changes for the better. But I know I’m beautiful; I don’t feel it. But, I know I’m gonna get through it.’

Previously, she has opened up about her food and exercise routine, clarifying to her fans that she was’nt working out to change her body but for her better health.

Later, Lizzo posted a video of hers flaunting her curves in a crop top and Batman underwear, captioning: ‘Woke up feeling better.