London-based band Angel and Co Is Busy Captivating Its Fans With Its Latest Release “Eat the Sun”

Angel and Co presents their third single, “Eat the Sun,” which is now available on all digital platforms, including YouTube. Angel and Co. is a very new band; they began their musical journey shortly before the 2020 lockdown; however, they have made themselves a significant place in the music industry with their original music that they have been launching since inception. Released in November 2021, “Eat the Sun” has hints of the 1990s in its pop-type rock creation, which follows their previous widely praised singles, “Can I Get a Witness” and “No Real Men.” The track is a sweet love song with fantastic soundscapes and terrific lyrics. It concentrates on the topic of love and affection, conveying that love does not require clinging; you may always love someone by keeping them close to your heart and cherishing their fond memories.

Angel and Co. is composed of like-minded individuals from Boston to Los Angeles, Athens to Buenos Aires, and Toronto to Caracas. All of them came together with the same passion and single goal of making music that is irresistible. Angel and Co are on a quest to stay prolific, drawing creative inspiration from legends such as Annie Lennox, Bob Marley, Alanis Morissette, Sam Cooke, and more. They are also aiming to release their debut EP this year, which will showcase their unique sound and wide background.

“Eat the Sun” is now available on Spotify, YouTube and all other streaming services. Visit Angel and Co’s website and Linktree for more information on their upcoming projects.