Looking to Improve the User Reviews of Your Business App

The importance of customer feedback is something that you might well encounter again and again in the world of business, and you can act on the feedback you receive to hopefully improve your reception in the future.

However, when it comes to your app, the reviews that are left on whichever app store you find your software on are ultimately an indication to other users as to whether or not the app is any good, and that first impression can be challenging to shake if it didn’t go the way that you want.Difficult, but not impossible, and exploring some possible routes could see the improved score that you’re looking for.

Overhaul the App
The best route for you to go if you feel your first attempt hasn’t yielded the success you’re looking for could well be to overhaul the app – try again. This could mean a massive update, heavily marketed and even accompanied by a change in logo or name to differentiate this from the previous effort – one marked by a significant reworking, perhaps with the help of some professional developers who can walk you through the best way to address criticisms or to alter the design as to be more user-friendly.

This might also mean incorporating features such as an API gateway or other emergent technologies that can elevate your app from functional to a real example of what modern smartphones are capable of in this kind of design.

Address Criticisms
As mentioned, part of this overhaul process might be addressing the criticisms highlighted in the negative reviews that the initial release saw. It’s important to know which complaints to take seriously and which might be better disregarded as an anomaly – in order to achieve this, looking at the frequency with which these issues are highlighted compared to the total number of reviews might help you.

It’s also important that you make a point of informing your audiences which issues are being handled and that you’ve heard their complaints. Several types of software updates come with accompanying notes that allow users to peruse them and see what’s been improved. This level of transparency might be something that helps you to appear more positively in the wake of a shaky release.

Look Out for Spam
While seeing negative reviews for an aspect of your business is something that you should take seriously and prepare to understand, as simple as it looks, it’s important to consider the possibility of spamwhen it comes to reviews on a platform that sees a lot of traffic. Some services periodically remove reviews that are deemed to be artificial in nature – existing purely to either drive up the number of total reviews or to shift the needle one way or another.

While some of these examples might be fraudulent cases that would actually improve the perception of these reviews, it’s still important to keep the system as free of them as possible so that all the information you can glean from them is genuine.