Hamid J is Back With Another Hit “Hold My Body”

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Hamid J has released his latest track, “Hold My Body.” Hamid J is a talented artist whose music has a distinct freshness to it. The rhythmic course of the 1980s has had a significant influence on his music. Influenced by pop legends such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, and George Michael, he embraces his charisma for the playful quintessence and paves the way for new styles in the industry.

Born in Iran and raised in Germany, Hamid J has previously released critically acclaimed singles such as ‘3way Call’ and ‘Gummies & the Beat.’ He is more than a musician; he is a megastar in the making. Hamid is also a proud and unwavering member of the gay community. The idea for “Hold My Body” came from the widely held belief that “things are greener on the other side.” Through this song, he just wants to quell the myth that his relationships and love life are less complicated and endearing than his peers. What you’ll like best about this rising star is that his songs are relatable. Take a listen to any of his songs, and you’ll notice that they’re all inspired by issues that people face on a daily basis, whether it’s a dating issue or dealing with societal norms.

Listen to “Hold My Body” on Spotify and other major online platforms. Follow him on Linktree to stay up-to-date on his upcoming projects.