Love Makeup, Don’t Miss to Watch Trending NikkieTutorials

Makeup is every girl’s first charm. It not only enhances the outer beauty, but also uplifts her self-esteem. However, it is difficult to find yourself a makeup pro who serves your purpose the best.

But there are numerous makeup artists who you can prefer to follow on Instagram, like @nikkietutorials for your makeup motivation.

Nikkie de Jager is extremely famous for her makeup techniques, she is famous for facial makeup but more than that she has mastered the eye makeup skills. You will be mesmerized to see her smokey eye makeup like Elsa from the movie Frozen to spooky eyes like Mrs. Grinch from how the “Grinch stole the Christmas”.

The best part of Nikkie Tutorials IGTV is – her videos are short and crisp. They leave you with immense opportunity to learn wonderful makeup tricks from base makeup to contouring, eye makeup to lipstick application. Besides Instagram, Nikkie is very active on YouTube as well. She uploads her makeup tutorials which vary from micro to macro.

She became a world-wide sensation in the year 2015 with her video titled ‘The Power of Makeup’, as it encouraged many of her fans to know the real power of makeup. Nikkie herself believes: ‘Makeup is not for society, but you’. In January 2019, she started to work as the global beauty advisor for Marc Jacobs Beauty. Apart from this, she also collaborated with Maybelline and Ofra.

Her clientele includes all the top-notch celebrities from the world of films, fashion, and modelling, like Lady Gaga, Meghan Trainor, Kim Kardashian and Ashley Graham.

With 14m followers, Nikkie Tutorials in one-stop-shop for all the super makeup tips and tricks!!