Luces Rasmussen – 90 day fiance TikTok artist! Shares his love and passion

Luces Rasmussen- a young man hits a goal of 8000 TikTok followers on his way to 1 million his user name hopeanddreams25 is on charts and encourages everyone to make TikTok and follow your dreams and to thrive with ambition. His goal is to share positive messages and funny videos.

Luces Rasmussen-90 day fiance, he has been dating his lovely fiance for 4 years and has Beautiful 3 year old son together. She is from the Philippines. They both have over 7000 followers on TikTok! Miracle161824 and hopeanddreams25. They have wonderful content. They have been doing TikTok only a couple of days and the goal is to get over 100k followers!!!

Luces, How long have you been doing TikTok?
Four months

What is your dream goal as TikTok artist?
To be verified and to spread love and joy.

Do you wish to do TikTok full time?
Yes, if I get motivation and support from my followers.