Lucia Interviews Author Alex Winstanley in WorldAuthors.Org’s “Uncut With Lucia” Series

Here comes the most awaited and the very first interview in WorldAuthors.Org’s UNCUT WITH LUCIA series!!

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Recently, Lucia, famous author, and host of UNCUT WITH LUCIA, interviewed Author Alex Winstanley. Alex is an author, teacher, and social entrepreneur from Wigan, England. Besides being a teacher, Alex helps young disabled adults that have shaped his outlook on the inclusion of disabled people and those with long-term health conditions across society.

He has authored a book named “My Grandma Has Dementia.” Through his books, he raises awareness about a range of long-term health conditions, in a positive and supportive way, for children and young people. His only objective is to promote a diverse and inclusive society in which every person is valued and celebrated. All his books are inspired by real people, as he firmly believes in giving a voice to those with lived experience.

Alex’s interview with Lucia in UNCUT WITH LUCIA revolves around his books along with his experiences with people with chronic health conditions.

Watch the full interview here

In the interview with Lucia, Alex said, “‘My Grandma Has Dementia’ is a very informative and educational book. It explains dementia in an elementary language, making it easily understandable for everyone. It is a book for everybody who has people suffering from dementia at home.”

This interview is going to change your perspective towards society and the people struggling with severe health conditions.

Stay Tuned!!