Luke Farmen, an Introduction to the world of MMA

Originating from the city of Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, Luke Farmen is a big MMA prospect. Although he’s just 15 years old, he’s a nationally ranked wrestler. In fact, he’s so good in wrestling that he was ranked 1st place in the state as an 8th grader – and ranked top 50 at the national level. Seasoned fight fans are well aware of the power of the wrestler’s base in MMA, as some of the greatest fighters of our time are primarily wrestlers. Daniel Cormier, Henry Cejudo, Yoel Romero, T.J. Dillashaw, Colby Covington – all of these fighters have extensively trained wrestling during their successful MMA careers. So, given the fact that Luke Farmen has established his wrestler’s base early on in his life, we can only hope to see how this skill of his translates to MMA.

Luke Farmen, apart from his natural talents in wrestling in MMA, is an extremely dedicated athlete. He trains 6 days per week – sometimes more. He trains under a 3rd degree blackbelt alongside a kickboxing world finalist. Given his wrestler’s base and experience, the first tenet of Luke Farmen’s MMA skills is grappling. However, since Luke Trains under a kickboxing world finalist, he has also learned to implement a strong kickboxing game, with lightning fast and powerful strikes.

Even though he’s just 15 years old, Luke has been training wrestling for more than 10 years now. Of these 10 years, he’s been training MMA for 2. He’s very young but incredibly talented. Given his extreme level of dedication and practice, he’s bound to evolve even more in time. We’re yet to see the full MMA product that is Luke Farmen.

Luke hasn’t had the chance to have his first MMA fight yet, despite his extensive experience in wrestling matches. He expects that he’ll have his first few amateur fights during the next year or two. He’s brimming with confidence – but Luke is also very realistic and he’s well aware that he’ll need to rack up several fights before he gets the chance to compete at the higher levels of MMA. His biggest dream is to one day compete in the UFC against some of the best fighters in the entire world – and have a go at claiming the championship belt in his division.

Only time will tell whether Luke is the real deal – albeit all the factors point to the notion that he’s an incredibly gifted young athlete. It’s all but guaranteed that if he keeps his high level of dedication to the sport, he’s bound to achieve at least some level of success in MMA. One day, we may even see him competing in PPV events in the UFC. It will likely take years before Luke Farmen becomes a household name in MMA. But under the right guidance and with dedicated training of the mixed martial arts, alongside a touch of luck, Luke Farmen may very well rise up to the challenge and become one of the best fighters of his time.