Luring Lady – Who is she? Learning this funny, mysterious commentator

The rise of social media has given birth to many internet personalities that would have otherwise been silenced. We have a variety of influencers ranging from models to political commentators to podcasters and many more. However, what happens when we meet someone who can’t be categorized? Does it change the Overton window? That’s what we encountered when we stumbled upon the profile of the Luring_Lady_. She identifies as a proud Black American with Republican values that isn’t afraid to speak out against racism and share her steamy sex life with the public. She is so contradictory that she has had to create a back account to keep her voice heard. She is open to celebrating Juneteeth, as she stated in an Instagram post about how it helped liberate 250,000 enslaved Black Americans in Texas when US troops arrived at the scene. 

Of course, she says that while giving a backhanded compliment to our current president Joe Biden by stating, “This is the ONLY thing I can appreciate from Joe Biden!” In another post celebrating her Black American heritage, this Luring Lady says how a number of White Americans are contributing to the ongoing cultural confusion for Black Americans. She believes that by not calling many Black Americans Black and placing them into a category created for Africans who have actually immigrated to America while maintaining their own African lineage. Most Black Americans do not know or have ever lived on the continent of Africa. They should be able to embrace the fact that they are lucky to be American and Black as she closes out the Instagram video. Not only that, but in a number of Instagram posts, she is openly wearing the American flag and stating how she is a proud Republican and Trump supporter. Her reasoning often goes back to the high taxes under the Biden administration and points out the stereotypes placed on Black Americans to only hold Democratic values. She doesn’t stop there; she has a number of posts calling out racism in the justice system, such as the case of Amber Guyger, who fatally shot an innocent Black American man in his home eating ice cream. She is currently serving 10 years which this Luring Lady believes isn’t enough time for the crime that she committed.

She goes as far as to state that if the roles were reversed, this woman would be forced to serve more than 10 years. Sex isn’t something she shies away from either, as she has several posts about having White American men go down on her, not wearing panties in front of a cop to tease him, and her physical preference for White American men. What is crazy to think about is that she has not had sexual intercourse in 10 years! Are you still processing all of that the same way I am? Thought so, but let us know your thoughts on this lady. Is she a tease? Is she way too traditional? Is she secretly on the left? Take some time to figure it out as we do ourselves!