Makeup Tips for Oily Skin for a Lasting Glow

People with oily skin often tend to refrain from putting on makeup. An oily complexion becomes annoying for the ones who love makeup. But here are some makeup tips you should know and which will work on your skin.

1. Make Primer the Priority.
After properly cleaning your face, apply a primer on the oiliest areas first, including the forehead, nose, and chin, basically the T-Zone. Priming your face will help the makeup stay intact.

2. Don’t Apply Too Much Powder.
It is a makeup myth that needs to be debunked that putting on excess powder will clear your oil. Instead, a matte translucent formula should be used only on shiny areas.

3. Blotting papers are a Must.
Initially, the makeup might give you a perfect matte look, but after a few hours, you’ll spot oiliness on your face again. This is because the pores of your skin tend to open. To normalize it, you need to press the blotting paper on the oily areas softly, and then remove the excess oil.

4. Buy Oil-Free Products.
If the skin’s natural oil is in excess, then that means you should invest in makeup products that are oil-free and do not clog your pores. Using face cleansers and toners permeated with glycolic acids will also serve your purpose.

5. Go for Long-Wear.
To avoid the problems of getting your makeup smudged or slip, you need to look for products that are waterproof or long-wear.