Manlikeclix – A Fashion Icon Who Helps Men Improve Their Style

Fashion is no more a woman thing, and fashion icon Gwei Noel Yengong aka Manlikeclix firmly believes it.

Germany based image consultant is helping men improve their style. Manlikeclix gets his inspiration from vintage movies and vintage music videos. In one of his interviews, he even credited his late uncle, for he also inspired Noel with his unique dressing style.

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Diamond in the Dirt !!

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Manlikeclix firmly believes that celebrities should have an image consultant because music and acting are great forms of art and should be represented with an image that connects or stands out.

Noel, who is popularly known as Manlikeclix, is a fashion icon originally from Africa. The 33-years-old influencer has learned hard ways. He managed to move from being a refugee in Brugge – Belgium to be one of the most influential Africans in the fashion industry.

He discovered his talent in digital marketing and developed his skillsets via influencer marketing. He has more than 188K followers on Instagram. Manlikeclix is known for expressing his unique styles on Instagram and other social media platforms. Moreover, he also gives tips to other men on various subjects, including how to dress up for a first date, how to dress for a job interview, and how to have self-confidence.

Noel says that people recognize your confidence via what you wear, how you walk, and the way you carry yourself along. He possesses vast knowledge in his field that makes him trend on Instagram all the time. Besides helping men to improve their dressing style, he also shows them the perfect way to use a fragrance and how to make it last a whole day.

If you really want to have a unique dressing style, then Manlikeclix is definitely the one to look up to in terms of fashion and menswear in 2020 and beyond.

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