Master Astrologer of 27 signs, Jade Luna predicts the unbelievable, the pandemic’s beginning and the pandemic’s end

If you have read the prediction laid down by Jade Luna in Entertainment Paper January 7 2019 that a pandemic or volcanic eruption would displace this planet, you were probably in shock or disbelief that something like that could happen. As his predictions went public and came to life, I truly didn’t believe, even by observing his other amazing predictions, some on this very publication, that he would be able to predict the pandemic’s end. Jade predicted the pandemic to end January to March of 2023. What a surprise to hear Fauci say today that the pandemic will be over early 2023 and Biden said this week that the pandemic is over. Out of all predictions this one hits the hardest. I can imagine an Astrologer predicting someone getting cancer (I have seen a Vedic Astrologer do that before)  but to predict the end of it is another level. Jade held tight to the prediction of the pandemic’s end while it was spreading like wildfire during the delta version of the virus and I personally couldn’t see an end in sight. I remember Luna’s specific words on Desperate House Witches Blog radio. “If something at this magnitude is taking place on this planet, it’s the will of the universe that it’s here, government conspiracies mean zero to me because the universe is fully awake and fully conscious, it happened on Asterian Astrology’s time clock and it will end on Asterian’s time clock as well.” 

Jade Luna, signed Industrial musician, author of four books, an Aghora, is a master astrologer that is currently unparalleled by anyone. Jade’s predictions have become so valuable that Vedic astrologers in India have been stealing his predictions to gain their own notoriety. Yet outside of Hollywood CA where Luna has a giant celebrity base, he is virtually unknown because he does not subscribe to commercial astrology. He has western astrologers trying to stop his predictions from going public because his 27 Sign system blows the commercial astrology world apart. Several astrologers were on ABC news explaining why no astrologer predicted the pandemic while they knew Luna did. Yet again Jade is here with the answers. The pandemic will end 2023 and let’s not forget Jades prediction that the waters will rise in 2022 as Pakistan is one third underwater.

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