Mathieu Hauguel, more than two million subscribers and a few million views

The singer Mathieu Hauguel from Bolbec releases a new album with a 3D intro.

Mathieu Hauguel was born on September 18, 1998 in Harfleur. Since the age of 13, he composes, sings and produces everything himself, he has his own recording studio and continues day by day to make people talk about him in different countries.

His album “Horizon” a great success since September 17, with 16 unreleased tracks and already more than a million views on the single “T’es ma jolie” his album has several style and musical genre as French pop, reggaeton, or acoustic style, Mathieu Hauguel is already talking about his former album “Avenir incertain” with 63,055 copies sold in streaming and physical.

A wide range of everything the composer knows how to do having started with sentimental rap, with now reggae, funk or pop rock. “This album is the result of a year and a half of work, for sixteen songs selected among others and inspired by my life”, explains the one who does everything alone: sound, mixing, lyrics, instrumental, until the album cover. For the artist name, he kept his real identity: “I did not want to take the head, for example for social networks.”

Social networks are necessarily decisive for the young man, followed by more than 2,000,000 people on social networks.

Fan of Maître Gims, Chris Brown and especially Justin Bieber, Mathieu Hauguel lives from his music. He will privilege the release of new titles, one by one, rather than concocting, on a long term, a new album. The realization of new clips is also planned.

He already has a gold record and two gold singles. He even created his own marketing company called MH Entertainment and works with more than 6000 clients today. Maybe an album is planned for 2022.

Let’s watch together his last music video : 

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