Melissa Wolfe’s Vocals Shine and Keep Quarantined Fans Company on Most Recent Sepsiss Single “You Already Know”

“You Already Know” is the most recent single released by Sepsiss through Pavement Entertainment. The female-fronted heavy metal band makes use of lead singer Melissa Wolfe’s exceptional vocals against a more aggressive backdrop of production to create an engaging and entertaining track for old and new fans alike. The theme of love is extremely common in music, and the lyrics and production of “You Already Know” follow that topic, perfectly portraying the theme of ups and downs in love. The listener follows two seemingly star-crossed lovers living a not-so-perfect relationship that manages to continue on, despite its faults. The song details a relationship where every day is different— just like how the sun rises to a new and different day constantly— a realistic and very relatable storyline in the subject of love and relationships. 

Sepsiss has managed to amass a larger audience that extends beyond their hometown of Manchester, New Hampshire, by keeping in touch with fans through social media, podcasts, interviews, and streaming. Their fans, labeled “swarmies,” will be eager to have more company during the pandemic, as Sepsiss’ musical presence through online digital streaming services currently serves to replace their lack of in-person gigs as a result of COVID19. In practice with the diverse band’s goal of fostering a safe space for their fans and creating unity among people despite their differences, Sepsiss stays right by fans’ side with the release of this track, maintaining fans’ excitement for other new releases in the future. Sepsiss will be sure to keep fans updated about any future releases, as they manage to keep communicating with fans as a top priority. 

Available on digital streaming platforms and YouTube, now is your chance to listen to Sepsiss’ new single “You Already Know” and be the first to tell your friends and family. And to know more about the band don’t forget to follow them on Instagram @sepsissband